Stephen Dodge

CEO and Founder

Stephen has long been interested in computer networks and creating better human experiences by leveraging data. Coming from a background in Cisco networking, SAN technologies, and sales has given him unique expertise to deliver on his vision.

About me

Bitcoin/Stacks ecosystem expert & team builder. Loves tennis and is a huge Roger Federer fan.

Stephen Dodge’s experience

Stephen has a unique blend of deep technical expertise, customer experience, and building products. He believes in decentralizing nearly all aspect of life.

  • 6+years as a Systems Engineer / Architect leading a team of 30+ nationally for the largest private SAN environment in the US
  • Technology enthusiast who runs his own Bitcoin and Stacks nodes + part of the Blockstream satellite network
  • People person, team builder for 3 previous startups, and junior Clarity smart-contract developer

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Stephen Dodge