Offer bitcoin
rewards to
your customers.

  1. Attract, engage, and retain the most rapidly growing consumer segment.
  2. Create your brand's digital loyalty assets and drive new revenue streams.
  3. Web3 (or Web5?) done the right way, secured by Bitcoin.
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The number of bitcoin users
is growing faster than the
number of internet users did. 

We provide brands with the tools necessary to easily adapt to this new
reality. No complicated integrations. No technical expertise is needed.

Over 90% of bitcoiners will switch brand loyalty if it meant the ability to earn bitcoin rewards. So what are you waiting for?

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Differentiate Your Loyalty Offering

Consumers are done with stale points programs and crave more flexibility. Trubit enables you to offer bitcoin or bitcoin-secured digital assets with programmable loyalty benefits.

Offer bitcoin as a replacement for the loyalty points for those customers who prefer it, and create and distribute digital assets with embedded benefits limited only by your creativity.

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Attract New Customers

Add significant utility to your existing loyalty program by enabling new rewards and redemption options that target an increasingly important consumer segment.

Over 90% of bitcoiners would either "definitely"or "likely" switch brand loyalty if it meant they could earn bitcoin rewards. Brands that move first will have a signiicant advantage over their peers.

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Create New Revenue Streams

Your digital loyalty assets can be distributed to customers as a reward for desired behavior or offered to customers for purchases. Assets can optionally be traded on a secondary marketplace and generate royalties anytime an asset is re-sold.

'Open Loyalty' is here and is a major opportunity for brands that embrace it.


Earn bitcoin rewards and claim premium
loyalty offers from brands you love.

Easily gain access to
exclusive offers from
brands via Trubit. These offers 
can be unique digital offers,
discounts, collectibles, physical
products, redeemable experiences,
bitcoin rewards, and more!


Brands Create Offers

You receive premium branded bitcoin rewards and collectibles.

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Claim & Earn Bitcoin

Claim a brand's offers, exchange your loyalty points for bitcoin, or trade your collectibles for other benefits.

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Stack Your Rewards

Stack bitcoin and earn rewards for something you already do with brands you love.

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Powerful audience data like never before

Accurate, detailed 1st party data delivered as a cookieless solution to meet the highest compliance standards.

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Create Branded NFTs

First of its kind ability to issue NFTs as engagement tools for consumers.

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Offer Bitcoin Rewards

Choose from data products designed to
address existing gaps in the market.

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Built-in GDPR compliant data encryption and security

All data is programmatically secured using Stack's native smart contracting language Clarity. NFT owners data is stored randomly across the GAIA storage system controlled by users and no data is shared until terms are agreed to by both parties.

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Secured & stored on GAIA storage

TRUBIT inherits all of Stacks' and Bitcoin's security as we layer on top of both as a Web 3.0 solution.

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Data sourced & consented by the user

Future proofed as all data is sourced and made available by the user themselves.

Unsure of how to approach these new technologies for your brand?

Enlist our team of experts to help!

"A truly user-owned internet is one that
enables anyone to control how their data
is collected, when and where it is used,
and to be compensated for it when it
is used by other parties. TRUBIT makes
that a reality and layers on additional
benefits and value for all experiences 
we expect in a Web 3.0 landscape."

Stephen Dodge
Founder of TRUBIT
Stephen Dodge- Trubit

“The best app for trading

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Matt Cannon
VP of Marketing at Facebook
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Unsure of how to approach these new technologies for your brand?

Enlist our team of experts to help!